Get the world's attention with an expressive piece of media that tells your story

Leave a lasting impression with an impactful multi-sensory experience

Apply and optimise your artistic concepts to VR and maximise their potential

Start-to-finish project management from our team of experienced VR producers

Get paid per play when we tour your VR Music Video within our event service

State of the art production facilities (PSL Technology Group) available for every project

Professional and experienced VR teams assembled around your concept

Immersive music experiences that can be watched on any device, including phones

VR Music Videos

Express yourself and impress your fans

VR Music Videos are immersive experiences created for musical tracks. Made using 360˚ footage and spatial sound, viewers can look around and explore the video as though they are a character in the artist's fictional world. VR music videos are viewable on any device, from phones to VR headsets. 

Pricing for VR Music Videos start at approx. £3,995. 



“Sophie and her team rose to the challenge, guiding us through the process professionally and sensitively. Their creativity and problem-solving abilities were exactly what we needed and ultimately led to a great product which we were proud to have... We'd definitely work with The Music Trip again and thoroughly recommend them.” 

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