Event Entertainment

Be in the music

Hire The Music Trip VR Arcade for your event, and let us take your guests to another dimension.... The Music Trip visits events, festivals and parties all around the UK with our VR arcade, showing people immersive music experiences with the latest XR technology. Easy, fun and impressive entertainment for your guests.

Pricing for Event Entertainment starts at £450.



Experience music like never before 
VR is designed to transport you into worlds unlike anything else, and with experiences built around the music, your guests are guaranteed to be impressed. With content created in a range of genres, The Music Trip does exactly what it says on the tin: it takes people to another dimension. Education Psychology Review reported that our memory is anchored and made stronger by experiences that are reinforced with multiple sensory inputs - so offering your guests a chance to enjoy music in this audio-visual way is a sure way to keep them talking about your event.

Try the latest XR technology   
Our VR arcade consists of our custom built ‘immersion chairs’ - made up of tetherless Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, SubPac haptic bass systems and Sony 360˚  headphones to transport our guests into the experience. Newly emerging and experimental technology available for everyone to try. Hear it, see it, feel it.

Hire entertainment that's adaptable to your event 
The Music Trip’s movable set-up means that we can fit indoors, or bring our tent for outdoor events catering for larger crowds. Making your event perfect is our mission, and our tailorable number of immersion chairs means that we provide everyone with a highly personal experience, guided by our event staff. Additional extras like bespoke VR experiences made for your event and custom installations can also be arranged.

Event Design & Installation 
Our partnership with PSL Technology Group means we can help produce your entire event - whatever the concept. With the expertise and facilities to build stages, sound systems and immersive installations, PSL Technology Group paired with The Music Trip is the perfect production crew to make your event a reality. Get in touch today to get started on your bespoke event.