Hybrid Events: How to Make Your Live Stream as Good as the Physical Experience

11th August 2021

It’s all very easy to say Hybrid events are the way forward, but in reality, very few people are happy to swap their physical live event experience with that of a live stream. So, if we want to reap the rewards of live streams and hybrid events in a non-covid world, we need to make those live streams really worthwhile. With technology at our fingertips - there's a number of ways this can be done. Here's a few to start you off...


  1. Stream in 360˚ 

Give your digital viewers something to do! 360˚ live streams are super easy to do and are filmed with an omnidirectional camera. In fact, they’re easier to produce than a traditional multi-cam stream as no one needs to man the camera. Plus - they give your audience a true-to-life, immersive and interactive experience. No longer do they just sit back and watch - I mean they can if they want - but they now have the opportunity to move their view. With 360˚ of footage to explore, viewers can choose to look around them, see what the audience are doing - or if you’re one of the band members’ mum, you can just watch them!



  1. Add some Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality is one of the fastest growing technologies around at the moment, because you can literally do anything with it. Add Augmented Reality effects to a live stream and your digital viewers will be getting something totally exclusive - while they might be missing out on the physical experience of the gig, they’re seeing things that the live audience aren't.  Augmented Reality enables you to put live, pre-programmed VFX on the stage with the artists, interacting and responding to their movements! For example, you could create an AR visual effect that is triggered every time the lead singer puts their arm in the air; or you could have audio-reactive visuals that grow when the music goes up in pitch, and shrink when it goes down. AR is fantastic for bands that have a strong concept to their brand or their album, and you can really play with this when developing Augmented Reality effects for a live stream. 


  1. Have Venues Host the Stream

One of the biggest problems with live streaming is that people imagine themselves sitting at home in bed with their laptop. While this might be preferable for some, not everyone needs to experience them like this. Instead, venues could start streaming music events in their facilities - just like they do with football matches - so that people can still enjoy the event in that much craved social setting. Venues can still make money from people buying drinks, audiences can still chat with their friends and enjoy the music.



  1. Add Shopping, Chat Rooms and Extra Features

Just as you have a merch stand at the show, why not integrate a shopping function? Just as you chat to your friends at an event, why not integrate a chat room or Q&A feature? Get creative with the live stream experience - you don’t have to just offer a film - you can offer loads of things that might even increase your income from it too. Platforms like Intelligo and Hop-In all offer plenty of features: you can create ‘rooms’ for your viewers to talk to each other; ‘chat roulettes’ where they meet new people; poster boards for upcoming events; and Shopify integration so you can sell your merch. These kind of features mean you can offer your live stream viewers exclusive content, for example a 20 minute Q&A with the main act after the show! 


So as we can see, live streams don’t have to be as simple as just watching a video online. They can be extended into a multi-faceted experience that draws upon people’s existing use of the internet. Get creative, and you’ll be rewarded with more ticket sales, more merch sales and a growing brand awareness - all whilst still holding a live event

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