REVIEW: Katya's 'Be Your Own Dentist' VR Music Video

23rd July 2021

One of the more traumatic VR experiences The Music Trip have reviewed, this is world-renowned Drag Queen Katya Zamo’s music video for “Be Your Own Dentist”. Released on the same day as National Dentist Day (March 7th for those who didn’t know), this 3D immersive experience is a masochistic, hilarious and disturbing venture into a world where Katya is instructing you how to pull your own teeth out. 


Use of Music

I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t realise this was a music video when I first watched it. The track is her teaching you how to meditate and pull your teeth out, while soothing music plays beneath. So straight off the bat it’s not your typical track, and this is why it is so perfect for VR. Conceptual, bold and downright bonkers tracks make for the best immersive experiences because VR is all about creating things far removed from our reality. Because the concept is so ‘ick’ you’re not really listening to the music, but Katya’s instructions instead. At first it feels like just some background meditation music you could get online. The second time around though, when you do take the time to appreciate the music and the way Katya’s voice integrates with the harmonies, it really is quite brilliant. It’s Katya in a nutshell - beautifully, distractingly bizarre, and totally perfect for this kind of immersive technology. 

Great / Good / Meh / Lame


Use of Tech

The experience was created using a number of Unreal Engine environments that range from soothing chambers and psychedelic forests, to the inside of a mouth and a room made of teeth. There is no lack of imagination here.  Katya and her minions are transported into these environments using greenscreen technology whilst the track surrounds you in spatial audio. The 3D, 360˚ environment, combined with the ambisonic audio makes for a spectacularly immersive experience, which really just adds to the whole life like disturbia of it. We approve. 

Great / Good / Meh / Lame



‘Be Your Own Dentist’ is innovative at its core - from the dedicated use of emerging 3D ambisonic technology, through to the wide use of VR environments made with Unreal Engine, through to the concept. Innovation and originality is reflected in the fact that this experience is so immersive that you have your eyes shut whilst squealing most of the time. It’s a concept that screams Katya and her weird and wonderful brand, and is why the VR experience has far outperformed the track alone. 

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Degree of Success 

The VR music video has over 396,000 views on YouTube, whilst the track has 164,000 plays on Spotify. While numbers don’t necessarily matter, it does illustrate one way VR can be applied to musicians and their releases. If you choose not to apply it to a lead track or a big hitter, you can apply it to a smaller one that you expect not to do as well on the charts. That way, you’re maximising each track by drawing attention to them in different ways. VR music videos like this are great for getting people talking - and even though it’s not necessarily about the music, it’s still publicity. Reserving songs for experiences rather than chart positions extends your release campaigns and adds diversity to your brand, as demonstrated perfectly by Katya. 

Great / Good / Meh / Lame


I mean, there isn’t much more to say apart from YES. This was terrifying, brilliant, soothing and traumatic all at the same time. If that doesn’t scream a successful work of art from one of the world’s most revered Drag Queens then I don’t know what does.

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