10 Reasons Why a Virtual Tour Will Be Good For Your Business

5th May 2021


360˚ Virtual Tours are digital models of buildings made from a series of 360˚ photographs stitched together to create online replicas of venues that people can walk through. Think Google Street View, but 3D, premium and interactive. With the ability to integrate all sorts of media tagged to specific points of interest,  360˚ Virtual Tours have a variety of benefits ranging from meeting a prospective client's need for information, to accurately capturing the size and facilities of a space and promoting it to a worldwide audience.


1. Anyone can see your space

Layer Marney Tower .png

Virtual Tours are able to be viewed by everyone with a smart device, including phones, laptops and even VR headsets. By uploading them on to your website, you can give anyone in the world the chance to wonder around your space and understand it's story. Don't limit your venue to your local area - welcome the world through your doors!


2. It's designed according to your market

360˚ Virtual Tours are created and customised around the needs and audience of each client, ensuring that they are simple to use, show the right parts of the venue and are inviting to the viewer - meaning they stay on your website longer.


3. It'll reflect your brand

With customisable User Interfaces, everything from the font to the layout can be designed according to your brand guidelines. It's important for your media to be consistant, and a Virtual Tour is no exception.


4. It gives your prospective clients time and control to view your space

The ability to change your view within the 360˚ footage gives control back to the audience - allowing individuals to make their own decisions of what they want to look at, whilst giving them space to interpret and take what they want from the tour. In this digital world where we are frequently fed information without knowing, having control within an experience is more important than we realise and gives us time to explore  the spaces relevant to our specific needs.



5. You can accurately communicate your venue

We all know how photos can be manipulated to make spaces look 5 times bigger - and that's why there's so much more hesitation from clients when they haven't seen the venue in real life. By giving them 360˚ photos that they can look around in, and a linked route through which they can move to understand the size of your property, the fear shrinks. Finally, you have an accurate digital representation of your venue for clients who either don't know it, or for whatever reason are unable to visit it. What's more, with Matterport tours, because they are scanned in 3D, you can offer measurements in the tours to show room dimensions. 


6. You can integrate any media into the tour

If you've got facilities or equipment you want to label, you can! You can even embed videos, audio files, games and any media that might be relevant to your institution. It can be a hub for your content - a digital tour that provides them with all the information they need to know. 


7. Your SEO and website visitor retention increases 

Not only does Google favour media-rich websites that link to Google Maps and Street View, but when you offer something online that people can interact with, you naturally hold their attention longer. Visitor retention was found to be 40% longer on websites with virtual tours. Your visitors won't just be scrolling through some photos adn leaving, they'll be wondering around your virtual venue, clicking on things and engaging with your content. Just holding them there that bit longer improves your chances of a sale exponentially. 


8. They're surprisingly quick to capture

The production company comes to your venue with a 360˚ camera, takes as many photos as the tour requires (different softwares require different techniques and photos) and then they'll remotely stitch them and create the tour for you. The venue will have to be empty and dressed as you want it to be captured, but most tours can be completed in half a day.


9. People can visit your venue, any time they like

Gone are the days of only being able to do a site visit when a member of staff is available! Now anyone can accurately view and understand your venue whenever they want. By widening your net to who can view your venue, you'll increase the number of enquries and the likelihood of getting booked. If you're a cultural institution making a tour of a gallery or something similar, a virtual tours enable people who are at home to be immersed in culture once again without leaving their home.


10. You can monetise your media 

360˚ Virtual Tours have the capacity to have paywalls within them. If you've had lectures or workshops at your venue and they've been filmed, you can embed them in the tour (in the correct location!) and people can pay to watch them. It's an engaging way to display your media and you could be making income 24/7!



If you're interested in creating a virtual tour for your property, venue or space, then get in touch. The Music Trip is also TMT 360˚ - where we create virtual tours for anyone who needs it! Our experience spans from Historical Castles, to Charity Almshouses, to Music Venues and we're more than happy to answer any of your questions before hand to make sure it's the right fit for you.



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