Future Sessions: Emerging Musicians Performing in VR

22nd September 2020

Welcome to Future Sessions; a series all about supporting and showcasing the best of the UK’s grass root music culture. Like all things with The Music Trip, these sessions are highly immersive experiences filmed in 360˚, designed to transport viewers into the heart of our beloved music scene. Featuring the UK’s most promising unsigned artists performing in iconic small venues, this is a unique way to enjoy music. With Covid-19 causing serious damage and disruption to the majority of the smaller players in the music industry, now is the time to come together to celebrate them and remind people of the joy they bring and the necessity of them within our communities.


In collaboration with the Music Venue Trust’s #SaveOurVenues initiative, The Music Trip is visiting numerous venues under threat with local artists to film short 1-track sessions in VR/ 360˚.  We are contributing all funding towards this, providing younger artists with content to add to their showreel whilst giving audiences around the world an opportunity to visit UK venues and see the magic for themselves.


 "We have a phenomenal circuit in the UK, and as a result of that we've punched way above our weight on the world stage. Without the ciruit, those artists won't exist. That means 80% of artists will never get to play their first gig and 80% of those careers will never get off the ground".

- Mark Davyd, CEO of Music Venue Trust


white and black concrete building


For far too long, we have taken advantage of the local music venues that surround us. We expect them to be open and thriving, yet they frequently face challenges from residential expansion, noise complaints, rising rent prices and corporate competition. The final blow - the 6 month closure caused by Covid-19 - has left venues on their knees with no income and no reasonable way to host socially-distanced events within such a small space. Whilst venues are attempting this, it’s highly unsustainable in the long term, requiring more staff to sell fewer drinks. Apart from keeping their doors open and boosting the community’s morale, there is little benefit to the way that venues are currently functioning in terms of business, with most operating at a loss and only 17% secure for the next 8 weeks.


Music Venue Trust initiated the #saveourvenues campaign in April 2020 to help grass root music venues survive this unprecedented threat to their existence. We feel every music organisation should do their bit to support this campaign given that these venues are the first stage of almost everyone in the music industry’s career. By immersing the public in the very essence of the UK music industry, we hope to inspire donations and visits to the venues, campaigns and artists. When a situation is this dire, every little helps. Watch the Future Sessions, buy the #SaveOurVenues merchandise and donate to the campaigns below.


Donate to the #saveourvenues campaign here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-our-venues

Donate to the Prince Albert, Brighton, here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-the-prince-albert

Check out Ophelia’s Eden here: https://www.ophelias-eden.com/


"We are so grateful that Future Sessions are working in partnership with us on their events, not just because they are raising awareness of our crowdfunding and the #saveourvenues campaign in general, but because they are utilising our venues for live music while we can't provide socially distanced gigs. It's lovely for the space to feel alive again after being closed for so many months."

- Music Venue Trust


Future Sessions #1:

This is an ongoing series that began in September 2020, with Ophelia’s Eden performing at The Prince Albert, Brighton. With extensive experience in songwriting and performing, Ophelia’s Eden (Ciara Gayer)’s music spans from alternative jazz and blues through to electronic pop. She said of Future Sessions: “I’ve been so excited to work with the Music Trip and the #saveourvenues campaign. Grass root venues are a huge part of my life and as an unsigned artist having performed all over the city, they mean so much to me and Brighton’s culture. This was my first performance since the venues closed due to Covid-19 and things like this give me hope for their continuation”. Be in the centre of this unique 360˚ gig and spin around as you watch them perform their latest track ‘I Fell Down and Back Up Again’, recorded in August 2020 in the empty upstairs live room.


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