How to Use Augmented Reality (AR) to Boost Your Brand

1st March 2021


Every brand has a personality. It is carefully designed according to its products and the target market it seeks to attract, and communicated in every stage of the customer journey - from the typography and language in an advert, to the way employees complete a sale. But as audiences become more digitally orientated, it becomes harder to compete for their attention and communicate this persona, making it harder to establish a real connection. We supposedly have 7 seconds to form an impression, but in reality it's more like 1.5 - what with all the bright flashing lights and distractions on the screen. When you have people scrolling past your advert it counts as an ‘impression’ - but what impression are you leaving?


Augmented Reality, or AR, brought something new to the marketing game. AR is an interactive experience in which real world objects or environments are enhanced, live for the viewer, through pre-programmed CGI effects on an application. It’s one of the many types of Extended Reality (XR) that allows audiences to connect with creators on a much more personal level through immersion in a concept.

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By far the most prominent and regular use of AR is via its mass adoption and integration into social media. You’ll find endless AR filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook known as ‘effects’ - created by people all over the world - ranging from target AR to face filters and world effects. The more filters you try, the more eccentric you realise they get. The unlimited capability of visual effects mean that for AR developers, the only limit is their imagination - and this is rarely an issue for us. Suddenly content becomes interactive, and we are able to create art and communicate silly ideas through an engaging medium that can be used by everyone, globally. Whether you personally use AR filters or not - they are exceptionally popular and versatile.


AR filters like the Music Portal allow audiences to create and share funny, silly, unique, beautiful or interesting stories that prompt reactions and shares. This is a huge opportunity for brands to be the provider of that, by creating AR applications that entertain people and experimental with humour, aesthetics and stories. Do it right, and the experience can subtly promote your brand. For The Music Trip, this meant transporting people from their home environment into our portal - where nothing but music matters. Whilst it doesn’t directly generate income, it builds your brands personality, boosts your visibility and engages audiences with content made by you, linking back to your social pages. Successful filters see global sharing, kickstarting trends and boosting the uploading accounts followers in a matter of days. By creating AR experiences that are visually appealing or just downright bonkers, people will choose to engage with your brand, allowing you to create authentic connections which in turn encourages them to visit your page.


Alternatively, brands can choose to create entire Augmented Reality effects that live in customised apps or webpages. These are usually larger effects that allow for more complex interactions within a user interface designed entirely by the brand - feeding useful analytics and data back to the company. Take The MET Unframed - an intricate Augmented Reality app released in January 2021 which allowed customers to place world-famous works of art in their apartment, play games centred around the art, and expose exclusive content unseen in public before. This innovative media brought them worldwide PR and meant their gallery was suddunly explored by a world-wide audience who had never set foot in New York before.

I Spent Two Hours Inside the Met's New AR Challenge. Here's a  Minute-by-Minute Chronicle of My Edutainment Odyssey

More and more brands are seeing the potential of AR when it comes to engaging audiences in their brand personality. And why not? It's a great way to get your brand shared and naturally draw PR. There are limitless experiences you can create and options that suit a range of budgets. 


The Music Trip offers AR filters, webpage and app production to the creative industries. We work with brands, artists and creative teams to design the concept and choose the appropriate platform for your effect. We'll then assemble the perfect team of AR developers to create your effect, with the option to add all sorts of media, ensure subtle brand positioning in the content, and above all, make sure it’s entertaining and is likely to be shared. Our team of social media experts and professional AR developers mean that your AR asset is in good hands.


If you’re interested, want a quote or would like to know more, contact us at We’ll chat about your brand, explore some ideas and see what bespoke, professional and exciting AR effect we can create for you that’ll take your online presence to new places. 

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