Event Entertainment: What are VR Music Arcades?

7th March 2021


VR Arcades are gaining popularity in city centres - but it's VR Music Arcades that are really getting people talking.


What are VR Arcades?

VR Arcades are rooms or booths in which visitors can try all the latest Extended Reality (XR) technology as they enjoy experiences, games and films - without having to invest in pricey technology. People pay to use the technology per experience, letting them try the latest VR headsets, haptic systems, life-like game consoles and high fidelity 360˚ audio as they enter the worlds of the creators and interact with virtual storylines.


What are VR Music Arcades?

VR Music Arcades are VR arcades that are entirely focused on immersing people in music-based content. While we know gaming is the core focus of many arcades, The Music Trip is grounded within music and we know that people don't go to events and parties to game - they go to enjoy music and socialise with their friends. With experiences ranging from 5 - 10 minutes, VR music arcades offers temporary escapes to musical dimensions, giving guests something totally new to keep them entertained, whilst opening up a new avenue of creativity in the music industry.

Out of hardship comes creativity and persistence, and VR music is a culmination of both that supports the core values of the music industry. It promotes artist's live shows, supports and encourages musical innovation, generates income for musicians, and future proofs the scene by continuously integrating breakthrough technology. 


"What an exilerating and incredible experience" - Oli


girl using VR goggles

Virtual Reality Music

People hear the words ‘Virtual Reality’ and get nervous. To be clear: VR Music is not trying to replace live music. It's about adding to the ways we experience music - not trying to compete with other formats. VR music is introducing a new avenue of content that entertains people using some of the greatest digital inventions of the century. Live performances are undoubtably the essence of music, but these are usually few and far between for a lot of major artists. Most bands having ‘made it’ will have a tour once or twice a year (if you’re lucky) and that’s about it. What else can you do? You can stream their music, follow their socials and and gaze at their album artwork. But imagine getting completely surrounded by music - both visually and audibly - and being totally enveloped by a world tailored around the track. XR technology lets us do this. 


VR music videos are adding a new dimension to music by truly immersing listeners in an artist’s world; you’re surrounded by 360˚ visuals of a specially designed music video where you are the centre of the story. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the main character in a music video? You might be floating in space with Gorillaz, walking through a post-apocalyptic world with The Weeknd or drifting through a lo-fi animated sky with a dog version of Mac Demarco - physical (and societal) limitations don’t exist here and the whole environment is yours to see. Look up, down, all around - you’re in another reality. VR Music Videos differ from a lot of music VR content in that it is not attempting to replicate live music in VR. In fact, it's doing the opposite. It's using the technology to take you to musical spaces totally imagined by artists and creative VR professionals, and consequently completely unachievable outside of Virtual Reality.


Take Your Friends to Another Dimension


VR Music Arcades

Don’t own a VR headset? You’re not alone. VR headsets are notoriously difficult to sell and that’s nothing to do with the quality of technology. People just don’t see the need for them in an everyday use unless you’re a gamer. In fact, many people even fear owning them due to tv shows like Black Mirror that paint a dystopian world in which we live more in our virtual worlds than our real ones. And that's fair enough - the industry has a duty to use XR responsibly and guide the future safely so that we avoid mental health crises and dangerous addictions and habits to 'alternative lives'.

And that’s where VR arcades come in: it’s phenomenal technology that shouldn’t be missed out on. Arcades like The Music Trip’s event service gives you the perfect chance to try the latest Virtual Reality technology (plus some other pretty great immersive tech - haptic chairs and wearables, XR audio systems to name a few) without having to buy it. Temporarily exist in mind-bending virtual worlds where the restrictions of physics don't apply - and then return to the party! The Music Trip's VR Music Arcade is perfect for events and parties that are looking for something slightly different to entertain guests. The central focus of music keeps the experiences relevant to the party atmosphere and able to be enjoyed by everyone - regardless of their ability to game as the experiences are passive.  The Music Trip offers each guest a temporary, but highly memorable, trip into the world of some of their favourite musicians. 



“Wow - I’m struggling for words to describe this crazy, amazing, immersive adventure - I genuinly felt like I was flying!" - Hattie


Support Artists in a Time of Need

The music industry has been shaken by a wave of piracy over the last few decades and a lot of artists still struggle financially to support themselves while writing albums - even if their previous one was a success. Let’s not even mention the impact of live events being cancelled for 16 months due to Coronavirus.

All the artists who have 360˚ videos on our event catalog are paid - in real money - every time their video is watched at our event service. We’ve got tailored licences with the UK’s royalty collection societies (PRS, PPL and VPL), meaning that The Music Trip has created a new revenue stream for artists in the form of VR music videos. And what’s more, our royalty licences are significantly higher than those of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other streaming services, per play. Watch a Music Trip, listen to their stories and know that you’re supporting artists’ careers.



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As the event industry wakes up again, you might be wondering how you can organise an event that really knocks peoples socks off. Well, this is where we come in. Not only do we add another dimension to your event, but we're completely tailorable to multiple settings and event sizes. You can even create a personalised VR experience just for your guests, or add a dance floor within our set up and get the DJ involved! The possibilities are endless and the best way to find out how we can take your event into the future is to get in touch. Email us at hello@themusictrip.co.uk!

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