5 Reasons You Should Make a VR Music Video

24th July 2020

Thinking about creating a VR music experience with your artist? Whether you’re a musician, manager or representing a label, VR music can be a worthwhile investment that adds value to your brand whilst future proofing your content for increasingly digital audiences. As a production company, we're always being asked by our clients why they should invest in XR content - and quite rightly too. VR music videos might not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth exploring. 

So, we've come up with our top 5 reasons it's a worthy investment for those in the music industry. 


1. Extended Reality is the Future of Audience Engagement

It is time to get on board with immersive media. Whether it’s something small like an interactive album cover using augmented reality (AR), or a full on VR music video, XR is here to stay. There’s a reason Apple and other tech companies are investing billions into it. The industry is predicted to double in size in the next few years alone, and we’ve already seen serious investment from industries like education, gaming and medicine. AR glasses will be the new normal, and everything from your shopping experience to the way you consume entertainment will be adapted to fit this - including how you access and discover new music and how fans interact with artists. Getting on board now means you'll be prepared for the future, and will avoid having to completely uproot your place in the industry to accommodate this consumer trend.  


2. There's Money to be Made

The Music Trip event service is here to give your fans an experience they’ll never forget

Unlike streaming, XR media can be monetised and it’s up to us as the forward-thinking leaders of the scene to ensure that we start the way we intend to go on. The real money spinner of immersive content is the experience itself. Currently most people don’t own VR (so you may be asking why bother making VR content?) but that’s actually not as much of an issue as you might think. Here at The Music Trip, we have taken initiative and created an event service where we take the latest and greatest of the rapidly developing XR technology (VR headsets, 360˚ audio equipment, haptic systems, holograms etc) to events and festivals around the UK, meaning that everyone can try our experiences in the ultimate setting, using the best technology to enjoy it. One of our values is sustainability, and this applies to the rapid production and consumption of new technology, and the obscenely unethical amount of digital waste that it produces - so if you’re not convinced by VR headsets, don’t get one. We’ll provide it for you! Each customer pays per play, and this is then re-distributed back to the musicians involved via our royalty licences with PRS, VPL and PPL. Per play, you'll be making more money off of The Music Trip than Spotify, Apple and Tidal combined.

Our first-of-a-kind licences with PRS, VPL and PPL mean that we’re making sure that the industry doesn’t take advantage of musicians/ creatives and kickstarts a sustainable revenue stream to continue into the future with.



3. Communicate Your Art with Conviction

Mmost musicians simply want to create art that reflects their personality, their state-of-mind, their story that the music represents - and that’s why we exist. With VR, you’re not just showing people a little 16:9 window into your mind, you are placing them within a full environment created by you around your music. If you have a song that has a particularly strong message, story or mood, then it deserves to be accompanied by an experience that the viewer will understand without doubt. Music videos have always been a fantastic extension to illustrate a song, and now they’re levelling up to being completely immersive. Let your fans be with you in the music video, and be a character in your 360˚ world. Whether it’s live action back at your nan’s house where you learnt to play the guitar, or an animated space-adventure. Your mind, your experience.



From virtual doctors' visits to planning a holiday: 4 ways virtual reality  can improve your life — Ascape VR4. Zero Physical Limitations

Want to drift in space with the Gorillaz? Fancy floating through a dystopian world with Squarepusher blasting through your ears and body? We've got you covered. Whilst VFX and CGI have helped us realise our fantasies for over 30 years, VR allows us to take this a step further and actually be in these spaces. Headsets have evolved enormously and after seconds you’ll have forgotten you’re even wearing one as you are transported to a new dimension. As you look around, there’s nothing to remind you you’re sitting in a chair at 2am in your city flat, and for 5 minutes you are elsewhere in a world totally unrelated to your everyday life.



5. Producers Dedicated to You

We’re here for you! We always have our creative hats on and are 100% dedicated to making the best VR music videos possible - bespoke to our clients and always prioritising their creative flow. The Music Trip is made up of music industry professionals with experience in performing, producing, film-making, artist management, event promotion and artist liaison. Unlike most production companies, we’re dedicated to one sector: Music. Our experience means that we prioritise the musician's creativity and understand their goals and values for the content. We will always put the music and the concept first, choosing directors and crews around each project to ensure the best music video is provided for our clients. We understand our clients because we once were them.



Want to know more about VR music videos? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can transform your song into a liveable music video. 

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