An Introduction to The Music Trip

18th November 2019

Murray and I met in Freshers week of our first year studying at DbS and BIMM Bristol. Reflecting the character of our city, our combined taste spanned across almost all the genres available to us; whilst I went on to promote events in Indie Rock, Pop and Reggae, Murray’s career focused mainly on electronic and dance events, with DJ slots across Bristol culminating in a job at Motion: one of the best large nightclubs in the World. I had a job at the O2 Academy Bristol for about 3 years, so between our busy music schedules Bristol didn't get much time off from us. It was during our third year at BIMM that we lived together, and found ourselves juggling our academic work with our enthusiastic passion for everything that emerged from music. Our management degrees dropped us in the heart of the Bristol music scene, allowing us to get stuck in in management, booking, promotion, performing, and, of course, being a member of the audience. We found ourselves experiencing the best of Bristolian music; from the infamous St. Werburgh’s 'rave tunnel' to Love Saves the Day festival - we couldn't get enough of our creative surroundings.


Motion nightclub, 2018It wasn’t until 5 years later that The Music Trip was born. After graduating university and experiencing a range of jobs in music management, promotion and content production, I spent a year travelling alone throughout India and its neighbouring countries spending some much needed time thinking about what it was that I really wanted to do. I had the joy of meeting characters from all walks of life; young tech enthusiasts from India’s burgeoning IT industry, to humble musicians performing nightly sitar and tabla concerts in their homes. They all impacted my life more than they'll ever know, and introduced me to their culture through their kindness and storytelling. Travelling alone is a rollercoaster. It is a whirlwind of culture shock, discovery, loneliness, education, but above all, overwhelming joy. What underlay my whole experience out there however was the absolute force of music. Whether it came from the singing in homes, in the Temples or on the street, or from the combined song of the radios and horns of Tuktuks; my ears went a year without silence. In the occasional moments of solitude I found myself listening to my familiar sounds of Bristol and I would be transported far away - just as I am now when I listen to Indian musicians and am taken back to that time and place: sound is the portal.

I often think we take music for granted. It is a reflection of emotion, and uniquely personal to the creator - it is, in my opinion, the key to understanding global cultures. So why is it that we so often limit our music taste to what is in front of us, and why is it that we limit our format of enjoying it to simply our ears? Musicians are rarely just thinking about the melody when they write music, they are waiting for it to feel right, to visually make sense in their minds, to tell a story. Whilst Murray and I were on opposite sides of the World, we were both experiencing the musical phenomenon around us, and internally questioning the boundaries of modern listening. 

What if we were to experiment with the way that we experience music?

I contacted Murray a month before my return home with the idea: what if we do more than just listen to music? Remotely, we had both been exploring emerging technologies; I was gaming in VR through friends and Murray had been using binaural sound in his music. Our minds clicked into gear at that moment: what if we combine and apply these technologies specifically to music? What if we were to create and show immersive music experiences that can be used as a tool for understanding, education and encouraging creativity? And so, The Music Trip was born. It is an opportunity for music creators and music lovers alike to expand the way we experience song into a realm of immersion and hyper realness. Instead of just hearing music, let us be in the music, and let that music be extraordinary.

Murray and I met during a hugely developmental stage of our lives armed with our simple love for music.  Yet this shared enthusiasm and enjoyment of such a core part of our lives enabled us to stumble upon a hugely complementary bond. We inspire each other to open doors we may have never opened on our own; our personality types encourage effectiveness from one another and our ambition is matched. Efficiency and emotional intelligence; reflexive individuality and commitment. Where one of us lacks, the other excels. The Music Trip was born out of our shared devotion to creating a more exciting musical space, however our team synergy surpasses that of simply business partners. While we started in events with the aim to bring XR technology and the existing experiences to musical audiences, our enthusiasm and devotation to the cause meant we branched into media production to fill the gap in the market we found ourselves staring at.

We hope one day all musicians around the world see what we see in the potential of immersive media like VR music videos. We welcome all people who want to learn more about what we do;  whether it's questions, quote enquiries or simply for a chat. Get in touch! Our virtual door is always open.


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