About Us

The Music Trip was set up by Sophie Charrington and Murray Hitchens; two musicians and producers fascinated by the intersection of technology, music and art. 

Since 2019, The Music Trip has worked with musicians, brands and venues to create a range of immersive XR experiences that meet their promotional needs, surpass their creative expectations and transport their audience into the heart of their extraordinary worlds.


Our experience as artist managers and music producers highlighted a need for something new, exciting and sustainable within the world of music. Having a shared love for technology, and witnessing the obvious rise of VR and AR - we knew what had to be done. And so came The Music Trip: a company dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of VR, AR and 360˚ media within the music industry. We had an understanding what our clients were looking for, and we have consequently shaped our company around providing media that is creative, expressive, and impressive in it's innovation and quality. Above all though, we want it to be genuinly useful for musicians and their audiences, providing income and effective promotion.
Despite the pandemic hitting during the first 6 months of our operation, and facing an industry in collapse, we knew XR would be useful to music. VR could be used to hold events and consequently we made the Future Sessions VR series, visiting grassroot venues to record 360˚ VR sessions with emerging artists. We started creating animated VR music videos remotely. We developed AR social media effects for musicians' artwork and promotion. We streamed 360˚ ambisonic gigs live from venues to raise money for the Music Venue Trust. We applied ourselves, and XR, to as much as we could. 
In our optimistic opinion, Covid-19 has opened people's eyes to the benefits of immersive media and it's capability in furthering the reach of artists when used in conjunction with live events, physical releases and marketing campaigns. There are no boundaries as to what experiences can be made with XR, and this is why we love what we do.

 The Music Trip exists to help the music industry harness the promotional and expressive power of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360˚ media.