Extend the reach of your event to a global audience

Increase your income with unlimited ticket sales

A true to life experience with immersive 360˚ visuals and ambisonic audio

Stream anything from almost any location

Interactive live streams that keep your audience engaged

Raise your profile with an innovative and exciting live stream

Provide exclusive, unrestricted access to your live show

360˚ Live Streams

Welcome the world to your event

360˚ Live Streams are live broadcasts that use 360˚ footage and spatial audio. Easy and discreet to film, these immersive live streams offer your viewer interactive, impressive and true-to-life access to your event, while enabling you to expand the reach - and income - of your show. Using any number of omni-directional 360˚ cameras, we'll come and record your event, and stream it live to the platform of your choice. 360˚ live streams are viewable on phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and VR headsets.

Pricing for 360˚ live streams start at £1,595.



"Being a parent and having to be at home many weekends I love the idea of VR raving. I think that is what people have to realise.  It has a future as you open up your event to so many more people.   They could be stuck at home due to children or a disability or may be in another country.  Obviously it's better at a live event but I was massively entertained for 12 hours for no cost."

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